House of "swabian housewife"

Day to Day Life

Exhibition in the Museum

Alongside and belonging to the Museum is a building that was formerly a house with its own barn. Here the visitor has the opportunity to look at the world and daily lives of people living at the beginning of the 20th century and to marvel at the provocations of living and working together “Under one Roof”.

Many of the things that were in daily use quite clearly show the hard work that went into washing clothes, keeping themselves clean and keeping the larder well-stocked. As well as all that, the visitor can view the furnishings and fittings of a little general store, a small historical hairdresser’s salon dating from the 1920’s and a doll’s Hospital.

The idyllic Museum’s “Little Courtyard” links the two exhibition houses and offers an ideal setting for events such as concerts, readings or the opening ceremonies of the various exhibitions.

Stadtmuseum Gerlingen

Das Stadtmuseum in der Weilimdorfer Straße

Stadtmuseum und Museum der Deutschen aus Ungarn
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