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Voluntary involvement in the field of inclusion

Civic involvement takes place in all areas of life and is a great enrichment for the community. The landscape of offers in social life would substantially lack diversity without the dedication of committed citizens. In Gerlingen, volunteer involvement is held in high regard, with the volunteers acting largely autonomously and in a self organized manner.  
The City of Gerlingen has created the Volunteer Agency as a clearing house between citizens interested in getting involved on the one side, and institutions in search of volunteers on the other. The Volunteer Agency intends to be a contact for people interested in doing volunteer work, in getting things done together with others, and to make meaningful use of their capabilities; likewise, it wants to offer support and a platform for the search for volunteers to those institutions and services whose activities include civic involvement.

The Gerlingen Volunteer Agency therefore constitutes a further step towards the integration of civic involvement in town and wants to offer an easy way to obtain information about opportunities for volunteer work and to meet organizations potentially active in this field. Browse our website and do not hesitate to contact us!

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Frau Loredana Wachter
Senioren, Bürgerschaftliches Engagement
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